Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Forty-Two

In just ten weeks, gentle readers, we will mark a year of menu planning.

Your MatchGirl was not sure that she and Boyfriend would make it this far, or that you would stay with us along the way... but here we all are, moving steadily toward a full year of menu planning, which, for the most part, has been a really great way for us to stay organized and on budget.

Is it a pain sometimes? Yes. Sitting down once a week to think through the week ahead is tedious from time to time. But it's so great to come home from work, or to look up from writing and know exactly what it is you need t make for dinner, to have the ingredients ready and to just get to work. It's great to have leftovers and plan on eating them, as opposed to leaving them in the fridge, forgetting all about them, until  you're not sure what they even are.


This week's menu plan:

Monday: Whole wheat pasta with leafy greens, parmesan and lemon juice (a take on this recipe).

Tuesday: leftover pot roast.

Wednesday: chili made with black-eyes peas - this is a curious something Boyfriend mentioned on the weekend and I'm not sure where the recipe will come from.

Thursday: Winter panzanella

Friday: We're lazy by the end of the week. I'm thinking a simple homemade pizza...

Saturday: I'm guessing there will be leftovers from the chili night on Wednesday. We'll eat that.

Sunday: Chicken pot pie - inspired by this recipe.

Photo: 1/2 a cup of flour, before leveling, while baking cookies last week


  1. the living alone gal's menu plan:

    monday: a beer at the charleston
    tuesday: a few pickles (large in size)
    wednesday: goat cheese on rosemary crackers drizzled with whatever honey i can manage to get out of almost empty honey jar
    thursday: a bowl of cereal
    friday: whatever i can find that has not gone bad in the fridge—egg sammich drenched in heinz ketchup, perhaps?
    saturday: boyfriend brings me for a proper meal
    sunday: bloody mary, perhaps 2

  2. I remember this menu plan well menu plan is seriously lacking in Bloody Marys, btw... Perhaps you should come over one night?

  3. Are those blue measuring cups (pictured) by Nigella Lawson? I love mine. New to your blog, Briana. I like it! Thinking about trying the kale recipe. Best, Jen (Berkley)

  4. Kale recipe link isn't working! Help?

  5. Hey Jen! Thanks for reading!
    I'm not sure which link you mean. The three I've got here work for me... Let me know which day you mean and I'll get the link for you.