Thursday, February 23, 2012

How People Come Together

It's Thursday! That means another post courtesy of Boyfriend...

It’s funny how momentous things happen right under your nose. It is also funny how thing have a way of working out by not working out. I was discussing relationships with a co-worker today and in the midst of telling a story about myself I came to realize something that I already knew. I’ve found the one. The one who, to quote a movie I can’t remember, “completes me.”  

I was telling a long, mostly boring, story of some of my relationship ups and downs. The gist of my tale was that even though we are rational people who for the most part control our own destiny there is some element of fate (or whatever you might want to think of it as) in our lives. Long story short: there was a girl I had known for a long time and for various reasons we never really could have a relationship. Things changed and the opportunity for a relationship was there. I thought this was it, but things didn’t materialize.  

Good thing, too. Because of this twist of fate I was able to figure out some things that ultimately led me to asking your MatchGirl out for a date and so on...

Sometimes the most obvious things elude our thoughts. I have known since early in our relationship that your MatchGirl was special to me but today was a day that I will remember.

Now... back to date night.

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