Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Meant It Then and I Mean It Now

Another Thursday post from Boyfriend!

I can’t remember exactly when I said it. Maybe it was before we started dating or shortly thereafter, but it was way back in the beginning. I told your MatchGirl that I though not only was she smart and beautiful, but she was brave. While this was me trying to woo her, I was also being honest. 

As readers of the blogs of your MatchGirl might know, the last week has seen some major changes in our household.

As she once again navigates the world of unemployment, I see someone who isn’t afraid of much. Yes the future is uncertain, but did she sit back and feel sad for herself? No, the day of the layoff had our MatchGirl pounding the virtual pavement doing what she does best, usually for others. Working her networks and making connections with people she had, by the morning of the first day of unemployment, set up meetings and interviews for the next week straight. Now if you ask me this takes a bit of fortitude. It would be easy to take a day or two to get things figured out. 

The idea of feeling bad for herself never seemed to enter the picture.

Taking charge of your life and making your own way takes more then a lot of people have. 

When I first met her I knew she had guts. This was someone who took lemons and wrote a blog about making lemonade and then spun that into a whole new career direction. This isn’t the kind of action a timid person takes, the resiliency that I have seen over the last week is inspiring. They make me believe now, as much as ever, that what I told your MatchGirl then is still so very true.

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