Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Twenty-Eight

Gentle readers, Boyfriend and your MatchGirl keep pushing forward with the menu planning. Last week did better than the week before and we hope to keep it up!

This week is a little less hectic than some, but we'll keep it simple and hope to stay on track with the menu. And, very importantly, the budget.

Monday: pork fried rice, using some leftovers from last week.

Tuesday: Boyfriend says he'll be making chicken pot pie.

Wednesday: We've got an amazing Work It Brooklyn event scheduled, so dinner will be grabbed en route to or from.

Thursday: Boyfriend is on a soup-making kick and he says he'll make one, to be determined.

Friday: Pizza....

Saturday: We've got a little event to attend.

Sunday: I'm charged with Sunday dinner...  so I'll have to think of something really good

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