Monday, October 3, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Twenty-Three

Boyfriend and your MatchGirl did a great job of sticking to the menu plan last week. Monday we went out to dinner with a visiting friend, but, for the most part, we stuck to it. I also had enough leftovers to take lunch to work nearly every day.

As we're feeling a big budget pinch right now, I want to use this week's menu plan (and the upcoming weeks) to not only plan our dinners, but at least my lunches (Boyfriend can eat at work). I think this will save us some dough in the long run. This week we did all our shopping (save the fish for the end of the week, which we'll get at the fish market day of) ahead of time - at the greenmarket, the meat shop on Graham and the Key Foods on McGuinness.

Monday: Kale with tomatoes, sausage and white beans

Tuesday: Stir fry with brown rice, goguma, fairy eggplant and marinated tofu

Wednesday: pork loin with a warm potato salad (I love the little blue potatoes from the greenmarket for this)

Thursday: Chickpea "hotpot"

Friday: Chicken Caesar Salad (we skipped this last week)

Saturday: Mustard-Maple Salmon

Sunday: This is the one year mark in Boyfriend and your MatchGirl's relationship. I'm not planning a thing, as Boyfriend is quite the romantic and I know he'll bring it.

image: sweet potato risotto made last week (and good fro lunches, too!)

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