Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Twenty

Gentle readers, this is it. Boyfriend and your MatchGirl have hit week twenty (twenty, can you believe it!?) of our menu planning. This week looks to be a busy one - Boyfriend (finally) starts his new job and I have a pretty full plate, too.

I'm posting this Tuesday, since the Labor Day holiday weekend was a busy one (the image is goat curry from the West Indian Day Parade in Crown Heights), but don't worry, the menu plan has been in full effect.

Here we go:

Monday: Pork chops from a recipe Boyfriend found in GQ. We were supposed to eat these last week, but got sidetracked by a BBQ invite.

Tuesday: Lobster raviolis from Trader Joe's.

Wednesday: I have an event, so Boyfriend will be on his own. I'm foreseeing his getting something from the Mexican place.

Thursday: Simple fried rice. We've got some leftover and some really good farm eggs. The veggie component is TBD.

Friday: I think I'll try to make a nice dinner to celebrate Boyfriend's first week of work. Simple, but elegant, salmon with green beans is always a nice choice.

Saturday: Busy day! I have a baby shower at brunch time, then Boyfriend and I are heading to NJ for a wedding shower in the afternoon. No need to cook.

Sunday: ... I"m just not sure. I feel like I need more inspiration. I have no idea what Boyfriend's new job will hold, or where my next week will go (the following week, we'll be on hiatus as I'll be in Bogota and Boyfriend probably won't feel like pre-planning and blogging his dinners). I'll keep you posted!

Do you have any meals that are your go-tos? We'd love to hear them. Always looking for new inspiration!

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