Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Fourteen

Ah, gentle readers, Boyfriend and your MatchGirl are back from a lovely weekend with my parents in the coastal area of New Hampshire. It was such a treat to get out of the city for a few days (and the oppressive heat and stench that only New York seems to do quite so ... well), but now we're home and back to business!

We've been pretty bad about thoroughly using what's in the fridge and pantry of late, so this menu plan is very much devised to use stuff that needs to be used up.

Here's what's on the agenda for this week's menu plan:

Monday: Mexican-inspired rice and bean casserole

Tuesday: Tilapia (we've got some in the freezer) with green beans and mashed potatoes

Wednesday: Pearl cous cous with roasted tomatoes and olives

Thursday: I have plans and Boyfriend might have to work late, so we'll have leftovers from earlier in the week.

Friday: Still going to be hot and I think Boyfriend and I will both be exhausted by the time Friday comes, plus he has to work the whole weekend. I'll make an "upscale" tuna salad and serve it with some crusty bread.

Saturday: Thai-inspired steak salad

Sunday: I'm not sure, to be honest. I'll have a little more time to cook on Sunday and I think Boyfriend will be glad to come home to something nice. I need to put a little more thought into it!

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