Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seating Arrangements

Boyfriend and your MatchGirl, gentle readers, are on the hunt for a new couch. Boyfriend, as I've said before, moved to NYC with only belongings he could fit in his car and has pretty much no furniture whatsoever. Your MatchGirl has a couch she bought from Ikea in 2003. And it's kind of busted.

So one of the things we need for our new apartment is a couch.

Now, dear ones, I have a dream of a sofa. Can we talk about how amazing this Knoll sofa from Design Within Reach is? Now, at ten grand, it's not exactly within our reach (if it's within yours, God bless you and can we be friends?) but it's certainly gorgeous and something to dream about.

More within our actual reach are these ideas from Ikea - one of faux leather and one of a worsted poly.

What do you think? Any other ideas where we can find a modern sofa at an affordable price?

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  1. Check craigslist. I found my dream sofa that miraculously fit perfectly in my off shaped livingroom at Bloomingdales- but it was out of our budget- even with the 50% off. So I checked craigslist and lo and behold- I found a seller who bought it, but a month later decided it was too big and placed in on craigslist. We got a sofa that was sold for $6000 for $500 (including the ottoman) because they were so desperate to get rid of it. They had it professionally cleaned and we have been living on it ever since we moved in. You never know...