Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Apartment Search: Manhattan at Eagle

This weekend, Boyfriend and your MatchGirl went on our first apartment viewing since we decided to move in together. It was a third floor walk-up on Manhattan Avenue near Eagle Street in Greenpoint, asking price $1750.

After we parted ways with the real estate agent, we ran through the pros and cons of the place. Those and more pictures after the jump.

  • newly renovated
  • location
  • young professionals, families and old people in building = quiet
  • one, not large closet
  • fee for the real estate agent
  • narrow staircase


  1. Is that a washer/dryer? I think that outweighs the one closet thing! Also I have a narrow staircase and the awesomeness of the apt more than makes up for that. But if you have large pieces of furniture to move, that could be a pain.

  2. It's the Fridge. There's definitely no room for a washer/dryer. Despite how it looks in the pics (taken by Boyfriend), the place is actually pretty small.